Impact of Nodal Metrics, over COVID-19 Spread

As the planet faces the Covid-19 emergency, we are all asked to act responsibly as individuals and as a community. We have to change our life to protect ourselves and others. NodalMetrics is adapting to these circumstances. Many people have been forced to close their centres and stop their activities. But we have found creative ways to be useful to the global communities, to offer social and cultural tools against isolation, to volunteer for providing support to the weak and vulnerable which often happen to be the poorest.

We can collectively be proud of it. At this moment, we feel more united wherever we live than ever before, even at a distance. We know that “solidarity with all” is the message that has to be transmitted in all our communities if we want tomorrow to be better than yesterday was.

Our thoughts and active solidarity also go to the vulnerable people: the precarious workers, the homeless, the migrants – both undocumented and legally recognised – and asylum seekers, all the people constrained in collective spaces deprived of the best possibility to protect themselves from contagion. We are sure that everyone of us will do its utmost not to leave anyone alone inside the crisis. We wish all of us courage, hope and positive energy. We must respect the distance today. But we will overcome the crisis more united than ever before.

NodalMetrics is working to give visibility to authorized agencies concern with the present crisis and to support their demands in front of the African Institutions.

Together we will over come this pandemic. #StayVaccinated #StayProtected #StaySafe.